Alibaba and Amazon to roll out ad platforms

Facebook has rich information on who you are and what you’re interested in.
Google feels they have the same. Now Alibaba and Amazon want to use their
rich damazon-vs-alibabaata on shopping behaviour to create an ad platform for brands. Not just performance ads to encourage buying a product on their shopping platforms but also awareness ads. For example, “There’s a mobile phone maker that launched its 7th generation last year…[Alibaba] helped it to really locate consumers that would buy the 7th generation phone. They helped accumulate 3 million leads for it. That’s a big asset.”

If any company will break the near duopoly Facebook and Google have on digital advertising, it will be one of these two. It will be important to monitor this space for Canadian roll outs (as right now Alibaba’s platform is limited to targeting Chinese customers and Amazon’s is in beta).

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