3 Reasons why the emotional connection on social is important.

by | April 29th, 2015

Here are three reasons WHY the emotional connection – the heart and mind of the consumer – is important along with my thoughts on what to do with the information. These points were taken from the December 30, 2014 social media examiner. Consumers expect brands to be active on social media. Depending on the age […]


The Benefits of Listening – “Just Be Patient”

by | April 1st, 2015

When someone thinks that you are listening to them, their interest in you increases and you immediately strengthen the relationship. Think back to your dating days. When you showed interest by asking question about the other person and then listened and responded to what you heard – wow. The listening and acknowledging, makes the other […]


5 Reasons Why Listicles Increase What Is Shared

by | March 4th, 2015

List posts or “listicles” are the most commonly shared posts. The list heading would be “5 Ways to …”, or “6 Reason why …”, or “The 4 Uniqueness of …”. It is my belief that consumers like the organization inherent within a list. We use lists everyday from shopping lists to “to-do” lists. Here are […]


Social Media, the off-line cocktail party

by | February 25th, 2015

Initially, social media – Facebook, Twitter, et al, were started to allow people to communicate with each other on-line. Think of this as an off-line cocktail party where you could meet new people and start up a conversation. If you clicked upon something that interested both parties, then the dialogue would continue. If not, you […]


Your Staff’s LinkedIn Profile Should Be Strong

by | January 26th, 2015

In the B2B world, when a company is looking for a new supplier, they will check the LinkedIn corporate page and dig deeper into the employees who work for that company. So What?  They are checking to see whether or not this is a company they would like to work with, based on their staff […]


Know your social media audience

by | January 19th, 2015

The largest portion of a company’s online audience is composed of a group of “lurkers” – the 8% of users that are most active and account for half of all posts.  This comes from Vision Critical, a research company from Toronto. So What?  Just like in any research conducted, make sure that you understand the […]


What’s going on with Google+?

by | April 16th, 2014

The AdWords blog recently announced the mass roll out of +Post ads. The new ad formats  are pieces of content from a brand’s Google Plus profile, which can include a Hangout, photos, videos and more.  The posts essentially become ads to be served across the Google Display Network (GDN) that users can comment on (if […]


How Big Bird’s Ruffled Feathers Became a Social Media Win For PBS

by | October 5th, 2012

Wednesday’s U.S. presidential debate sparked a lot of conversation, especially on social media, where Twitter users tweeted 10.3 million times over the course of the debate.  The Globe and Mail called the debate “a major moment for social media” – however the debate also helped to highlight certain organizations’ reaction time and social media marketing savvy. […]