The TELUS Pitch: New entrepreneurs, iconic visionaries and a whole lot of Canadian passion for business

Last night, our team at Agency59 attended the TELUS Pitch live event – the largest small business contest of its kind in Canada, with $150,000 in prizes. Three shortlisted Canadian entrepreneurs each had 3 minutes to make theTELUS_Pitch_4ir final pitch to the judges as to why their business deserved the $100,000 grand prize and speak to how technology played a role in their business. Not only that, but they had to respond to on-the-spot questions from the judging panel who included:

  • Arlene Dickinson, CEO of District Ventures Capital
  • Bruce Poon Tip, Founder, G Adventures
  • Sunil Sharma, Managing Director, Techstars Toronto
  • Suzanne Trusdale, VP, TELUS Small Business Solutions
  • Mark Childs, Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung Canada
  • Erin Bury, Managing Director, Eighty-Eight

Hearing the finalists pitch their business and talk about the passion that drove them to start their business, you could not help but be inspired for the future. And hearing the praise and wise words of the business veteran judges, you were left feeling proud of all Canadian small business owners and the entrepreneurs that continue to push the limits and innovate. From the Agency59 team, a big congrats to TELUS for another great success and to the finalists and winners of the TELUS Pitch.

If you didn’t register and participate this year: If you know a Canadian entrepreneur or small business owner, make sure to let them know this isn’t the end. Register for updates and get ready for the 2018 contest.

If you missed the live event hosted by Amber Mac and Marc Saltzman: You can watch the whole event here.




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