What is freedom of speech and who is responsible for how far it can be taken on the Internet?

Have you received or do you know of others who have received harassment on Twitter or other social media sites?  These could be offensive, comments, racist name-calling, or gender insults.

One study found that 40% of adult Internet users had experienced some form of online harassment.  Most social media services have struggled with these kinds of problems and how to handle them.Free Speach

Twitter updated its service to streamline features that let people block offensive users and report abusive tweets.  Some social media services say they are uncomfortable with imposing restraints on their users.

If the court gets involved will they have to decide whether violent statements posted on social media are proof of intent to harm.

Who is responsible – the sender, the receiver, the social media service, or the government – or maybe a little of each?  What Now?  It is my belief that since social media has given control to the individual, it is the responsibility of each one of us to be involved in this issue.


What are your thoughts?

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