What’s going on with Google+?

The AdWords blog recently announced the mass roll out of +Post ads. The new ad formats  are pieces of content from a brand’s Google Plus profile, which can include a Hangout, photos, videos and more.  The posts essentially become ads to be served across the Google Display Network (GDN) that users can comment on (if they’re logged into Google, of course).

Here’s a video that features the 2014 Toyota Corolla:

For brands to use this new feature, they need to fulfill a few requirements such as a minimum of 1,000 Google+ followers and you must opt-in to share endorsements for Google+ pages. As any veteran of AdWords will tell you, the performance of your ad is largely based on how relevant your ads are to the searcher or web surfer. +Post ads are no different in the sense that the post ad must be relevant to the viewer.

With Facebook’s algorithm changes designed to limit Facebook post organic reach, many pundits think Google is trying to “one up” Facebook by essential making the “entire web” its social platform by extending the social conversation across the GDN.  The +Posts will increase Google+’s visibility across the web and through ad engagement, will boost Google+ usage statistics. Not bad, Google, not bad.

Have a read and let us know how you feel about +Posts.

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